Is Life all about “Saving or Losing?”

“Christ said; “Whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will save it.”    Christ had some very definite ideas about “saving and losing”  when it comes to living as his follower that’s for certain. First of all Christ doesn’t see “saving or losing” our lives as a one time thing.  He sees it as something we have to be conscience of each and every moment of our lives.   So how does this work?

Is Christ simply asking us to dummy down our life styles?  For instance instead of choosing prime rib from a menu we pick salisbury steak?  Or does it mean we buy a shirt from Target instead of a chic Ralph Lauren store?  Are these the choices that will “save or lose” our lives --I don’t think so!  What Christ is suggesting is more profound than that.

When Jesus speaks about “saving or losing our lives,”  He is asking us to make room for him in the center of our comfort zones and see how He fairs.   Now this sounds more like powerful stuff doesn’t it?

Christ is challenging us to ask this fundamental question.  What is the purpose of my life? Or put another way what is behind all that I do everyday?  And is what I do from dawn to dusk about “losing my life or saving my life?”

For instance in our inner circles where we “move and have our being,” how do we perceive the people we feel the closest? How do they know we love them? Do we say loving words, like “thank you” and do we show loving behaviour like hugs or even surprise gifts?

How many times during this past week were we kind and considerate or insensitive and harsh?  How many times were we gentle and caring or selfish and indifferent?  Christ is challenging us to use little acts as ways to “save” our life.   It’s amazing how Jesus is suggesting we can save or lose our life simply in doing tiny seemingly insignificant acts.  Yet again Jesus reminds us how minor actions count and truly matter.

Now Christ is not trying to frighten us into being nice to those with whom we live, but rather show how easy it is to avoid  “losing” it.   Whether cranky or eager, he encourages us to do the best we can.  And remember always this important hope.  Jesus never asks us anything we cannot accomplish because he is there to assist.

“Saving or losing” is then the bottom line in following Christ.  In return Christ ask one thing , we  do it  “for his sake.”   Now this is truly something to think about as we live our lives  in each present moment.

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