Jessica Knows How To Be Grateful!

Jessica, a St. Mary’s College student, goes to Spring Manor, an  assisted care facility,  every Wednesday.  There  she visits her grandmother who has advanced Alzheimer’s disease.  Jessica is never certain her grandmother recognizes her.  But still she comes regularly insisting on telling her grandmother all about what’s happening in school. She especially likes showing her  newest  artwork.   It was her grandmother who  taught Jessica how to paint and this changed her life. As a young student, Jessica was shy and awkward not mixing well with her classmates.  One day her grandmother started to share her love for art with young Jessica.  Jessica loved it.  She appreciated color and what it could do and soon began creating beauty with each stroke of her brush.

Soon at school Jessica’s talent became known.  She was involved in creating banners, set designs and  other school needs.  Her popularity soared. Jessica was a changed person. Everyone loved her work,  and she never forgot where it all began.

Jessica knows her grandmother may not be recognize or understand her , but she chats on and on anyway.  Jessica simply loves her grandmother,  and  remains grateful for the wonderful moments they shared before this illness struck.

As a result,  she brings a  smile and an upbeat attitude to each visit. She believes in her heart that her grandmother understands it all.  In this small and brave action of loving her grandmother and sharing her life, Jessica  is telling God how grateful  she is for the gift of her Grandmother.

Jessica  has turned a small act of visiting her grandmother into a great moment of praise to God.  When God sees Jessica  acting  kindly and gratefully to someone He loves, God is pleased and God is praised..

Life is about showing gratitude to God in the many small ways we can in the course of our everyday actions.  God loves our little acts of gratitude it makes His day.

God made us out of love and for love and when we love, God knows  creation is worth it.  Every Wednesday God looks forward to  Jessica’s visits with her grandmother,  for God hears her saying : “Thank You for my life and especially for the gift of my grandmother whose life is my special gift!”

By her love , Jessica is showing our  purpose in life , and how her response  proclaims God’s love to everyone around her.   God looks to each of us to do the same.  Great opportunities to praise God happen infrequently, but Jessica has turned her ordinary Wednesday visits into  great acts of praise.  And God loves it!


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