When We ask God for Something, Be sure to say ‘Thank You'

As Christopher knelt beside his bed for night prayers, his Mom heard him say “Dear God, please watch over me and my football team this Saturday. It’s our championship game.  Help me just this once!  I’ve never asked for much before today. You can check.  Amen.” This is a great prayer isn’t it?  Christopher wants his team to win their big game.  But the best part of his prayer is Christopher wanted God to know he hadn’t ask for much until now.  He was saving the “ big ask” for something like a football win! And he was so convinced of his  “ask” record, God could check it if He wished!

Don’t we all wish our past record of asking God for things were as sparse as Christopher’s apparently was?  But if you are like so many of us, it’s not.  We are constantly filling our prayers with all kinds of things we think we need to make our lives, better, happier or easier. Unlike Christopher we pray earnestly for everything and anything.  With this same ending:   “Lord if You grant this, I’ll never bother You again. I promise.”

But in reality we always need God’s help.  Our life situations change often and quickly, but we needn’t worry about praying for God’s help; God simply likes to be asked.

We are fortunate to have a God who never stops wanting to give,  and never  checks our record of requests . God wants to grant anything that will truly make our lives better and holier.

All God desires, is that we be grateful!  Gratitude is that we say one big  “Thank you” for his support.  This is a lesson we all have to learn in life, and Christopher will too.




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