Our Glorious Freedom

We all wait ”to share in the glorious freedom of the children of God” says St Paul in Romans 8. What a great phrase is “glorious freedom.” It is not just freedom we share, but a glorious freedom-the most spectacular freedom we can experience. And God wants to give this to us simply because God does. What does this Glorious Freedom signify? Glorious freedom is experiencing our safest and securest moment ever. And it happens when we first enter heaven. It is being overwhelmed with the warmth of God’s love, the contentment of his presence, and a sense of peacefulness like no other.

Glorious Freedom is God standing before us with a welcoming smile. God, our waiting Father, who has anticipated our arrival for some time, and now can’t wait to embrace us. God, the forgiving Father, who longs to start a celebration of great joy. This is the glorious freedom we seek everyday while we live on this earth.

Glorious freedom begins with God, the contented parent, embracing with great pride his child long absent from home. For who knows where , our wanderings through great personal struggles, the agony of our painful afflictions and the trials of sinful addictions, but now, with all those past, we have arrived safely. And we see God extending His great gift of glorious freedom now ours to share for all eternity. At Last we are home choosing freely and forever the eternal love of God-the greatest gift of creation.

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