All 'Goods' are God's

Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is a popular musical. It tells the biblical story of Joseph and how envy made his brothers sell him into slavery in Egypt.

Joseph's brothers felt sad because they lacked Joseph's wit, intelligence, and charm. They wished he didn't have any of these gifts. They wanted him destroyed because all his sparkle pointed to their emptiness. Envy brings death into our world.

Jesus showed us a different way. He treated people as He wanted them to treat Him. He was fair, loving, respectful, and concerned. His life style was simple, humble, and gentle. He practiced what He preached. Instead of gaining admiration, Jesus made the chief priests uncomfortable. He had to go. Envy brought about His death.Thanksgiving is a moment for us to replace envy with gratitude. In thanking God for ourgifts and the distinct talents of others, we remember that nothing under the sun exists unless God allows it. We simply use them, and God is pleased. St. Francis de Sales writes:

"If you hold the goods of this world in one hand, hold fast the hand of God with the other. Occasionally turn and see if God is pleased with your use of them."

We Give Thanks

Be a sign of Hope; it refreshes Everyone!