A Real-Life Story

Fantasy is a part of the fabric of life. From our childhood, we are raised on fairy tales, Disney cartoons, and "the wonderful Wizard of Oz." As adults, fantasy is popular because it removes us from life's harsh realities.

Advent brings us another kind of story – the story of God's birth among us. The lesson is simple. Advent brings us to the crib; we take Christ from His crib and move joyfully forward with our lives.

Advent tells us that

no matter how burdensome our crosses are, we are not alone. Christ walks with us.

St. Francis de Sales speaks of Christ's help when he writes:

"The cross we bear Christ blesses with His holy name, anoints with His grace, perfumes with His consolation, takes one last look at our courage, and then sends it to us from heaven."

A Reading from Philippians 2:10

"And being found in human form he humbled himself and became obedient to the point of death - even death on the cross."

Advent Time is our time to say; “I need you God!”

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