Joy to the World The Lord Has Come!

Isaiah, the prophet, writes: Fear not …Here is your God! Here comes with great power the Lord God who rules by his strong arm; here is his reward with Him, his recompense before him.  Like a shepherd  he feeds his flock. In his arms he gathers the lambs.  Carrying them in his bosom and leading the ewes with care. Isaiah 40:11

The Lord comes with power, Isaiah says, yes, the Lord certainly does. The Lord rules with a strong arm; there is no doubt about that either.  Yet the Lord  is also described as a shepherd feeding his flock,  caressing in his arms these tiny fragile lambs.

Wow! What a great image of the baby Jesus lying in his straw-filled crib!  He is a child, but also a powerful, yet gentle God.  In every nativity crèche in all the world, this wonderful child awaits our gaze and our adoration on Christmas morning.

He absolutely possesses power and strong arms, but prefers rather to bring gifts of mercy and healing.  This mighty savior  is born to gather-not scatter.  This powerful prince offers healing -not punishment.  This caring shepherd carries tenderly those who stumble and fall. No wonder we sing “Joy to the world.”  Jesus is certainly our never-ending joy. “Let earth receive her king!”

The shepherds show that He is born not to send us away empty handed, but to provide all with his gifts.   This cuddly infant is God’s promise that the savior’s birth on Christmas morn is about our succeeding in life and not failing.  His outstretched arms say “My Father cannot hurt those He loves. Look !  I am here to help. I am proof  of my heavenly Father’s wish that not one of you be lost.” This is truly Good News for us all.

Take a few moments this Christmas morning to gaze with gratitude at your Nativity Scene.  In your hearts Hear the angels sing  “Behold I bring you glad tidings of great Joy”  and then  See the child before you, “for born to you today is a savior, Christ the Lord.”  And then Go live your life mending what needs fixing.  When we respond with this intention, our Savior is free to gather other lost friends he came to save.  And hopefully, one by one, people everywhere will begin to see these “glad tidings” everyday!  Merry Christmas to all my friends!

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