How Flexible is Our God?

Thank God!  The Lord always has a Plan B for just about everything.  At the beginning God had a dream for friendship. He created the universe and made us. When our ancestors, His friends , turned against Him in the garden deciding that the snake had a better offer,  God sent His son,  Jesus to make things right again. Later when His Son was murdered by the very people He came to save,  God quickly raised this Son from the dead.  Then He offered us the same gift of resurrection if we became a disciple of His Son.

Even today when we slip or make a mistake and let His son down, God still offers forgiveness and mercy for yet another chance.   God remains flexible when it comes to trusting that one of these days we will get it right and turn to Him.  This is God’s Plan B.  Simply stated One day we will want only God,  and then choose to do what God asks of us-love him back.

This is what Jesus means when he asked His listeners  “Repent and believe”.  It is a plea to stop what we are doing, look at where we are on our life’s journey  and consider  this question. “Is what I am doing with my life right now what I want or can I be more than this?”

With these words “Repent and believe Jesus is saying “You  can do it better and I can help if you allow me.”  Jesus is trying again what God has been trying since His rejection in the garden offering Plan B.

My question  then for all of us to ponder is “If you can change one thing in your life right now, and replace it with Jesus’ promises,  what would this be?   If you begin to respond to this question, then God’s Plan B is become our Plan B.

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