Leaving the Right Kind of Footprints Behind

We keep hearing about the “The Ecological Footprint” and how we can’t leave it behind worse off than how we received it.  This particular footprint estimates how much of God’s creation, i.e., the lakes, the forests, and the other natural resources, we will have abused, overused, consumed and wasted on an annual basis in our lifetime. We are told over and over again how terrible this is now and for those coming after us.  Instead we are encouraged to give nature, the attention, care and proper respect in an effort to avoid or reduce the "Ecological Footprint."   We are told that if we do this, all will benefit!

Now on the other hand, isn't Jesus' gift of faith a great footprint to leave behind?  In fact, we can call this life giving footprint our “Faith Footprint.”  This footprint can tell everyone who sees it how we have followed Jesus.  It stamps our path with the imprint that Jesus invited us to accompany Him on this journey and that we accepted.

And along the way, the imprint will show the signs we left, i.e., that we treated people fairly and justly; that we did our best to do what’s right; and that people saw that Jesus was our friend.  “Faith Footprints” show we invited the people we loved to share this friendship with Jesus.  Lastly, it shows how we worked daily to build God’s kingdom in what we did.

Yes, our “Faith Footprints” boldly proclaim that we are grateful to have walked this earth, and delighted also to enjoy God’s creation while here.  Today in all you do--leave your Faith Footprint wherever you walk.  It’s the stamp on creation our God enjoys seeing every day!

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