“I Make You Better”

When Gabby  turned five years old, she decided to dress up as a princess for Halloween.  She wore a lime green dress down to her ankles covered with shiny sparkles. As she walked,  she shimmied in the lamplight. On her head she wore a glittering tiara,  and in her hand she carried a wand with a five pointed star on the end. Gabby walked through her home waving and pointing her wand in different directions.   As she passed her grandmother resting in her favourite chair recovering from her latest migraine headache Gabby pronounced waving her wand and said “I make you better!”  In the kitchen where her mother was washing the supper dishes, she proclaimed with another swooping wave of her wand she proclaimed  “I make dishes  all clean.” And to her dog, Sparky, scratching his hind legs she declared, “I shoo away all your fleas!” Gabby was definitely a  princess who made all things better.  Gabby wanted to be a good princess,  and she went about her home making all things clean and bright, shiny and new.  Gabby knew how to serve her people. It was an easy choice.   She simply chose” to do good.” She was the perfect princess!

Christ is often called our king.  He does not come to us waving a wand, but nonetheless Christ wants to make our lives better.   At Easter we celebrate Christ’s resurrection from the tomb.  He suffered, died on the cross to take away our sins , and then rose again from the dead to make all things right between God, the Father,  and us.

But Christ goes one step further, when we  slip up which we will, we now have Christ on our side to lift us up and place us once again on the right path to Heaven.  Easter is truly a wonderful feast to celebrate.  We  can see Christ waving his cross over us all and saying in so many words the sentiments of young Gabby, “I make you all better.”  Christ knows how to serve us.  It is an easy choice for Him.  He simply wants what is good for us.   Like Gabby He is perfect royalty. Alleluia!

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