Does God Have Bad Days?

Philip, a university senior said,  “I just can’t figure God out.  Sometimes I get what I want when I pray and on other days, I can pray all day and get nothing.  It seems my prayer falls on deaf ears.  I guess I have to catch God on a good day if I want something bad enough.” At times we all feel like Philip, don’t we?  Yet when we think seriously about it, we know our God isn’t that difficult to figure out.  We just have to remember where God is coming from.

God always has our best interests at heart.  He simply wants to give us what will do the most good at any given moment.  He wants each of our lives, no matter who we are to be successful.

Again, remember that it's God’s idea of what is successful not the world’s.  To be who we are and to be that well as a true witness to Him who made us!  In fact, God knows what will make this happen better than anybody else--especially us!

So no matter what we pray for or how we pray, God always gives us the means and the manner to grow towards Him!  However, the problem arises because we think that our request should be answered even though God has something else in mind.  God always chooses that "other" thing, except in what may be those rare moments when we are both thinking alike.

We simply have to trust God, our Father, who loves His children and will only send what is best.

So Philip, hear this, there are no bad days with God!  We simply have to be "open" to understanding that the answer to our prayers comes out of God's love and only His love for us.  God always has our best interests in His heart-and He does every day!

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