We Need saints today and Each One of us is a Prime Candidate

Easter is the great day we cross the line from fast to feast.  We set aside, if we haven’t done so already, our Lenten promises.  You know the ones we made like no more chocolate!   Or no more drinking?    We are determined  “ All sweets are out!”  But when Easter arrives we bring on the peanut butter and custard cream eggs.  We go from fast to feast-and for this reason we sing Alleluia!!! But we know Easter is more than that.  We feast on Easter because this holiday is a great one.   “The Lord’s tomb is empty.”  Jesus has risen just as he said he would. Today the scoreboard reads: “Sin and death 0” and Grace and New life 1” This is why we start our feasting.

But there is even more significant news to hear on Easter.   Yes, Jesus tomb is empty, but our tombs will be empty too.  We too will be raised up.  It’s a promise.

As a priest, I have buried many people, my family members, friends, and some people I didn’t know well.  However, I recognized that they lived their lives in extraordinary ways.  They just got up every day, and “did life” because “doing life” was the right thing to do.

I was happy to bury them, because I knew one day their tombs would be empty too.  They are the unknown saints of our times.  I was convinced of this then, and I am still convinced today.  This helped me bury them at their passing, and it helped me celebrate every Easter since.   Their simple lives, lived with great faith, deserved no other ending than to be with their God forever

Holding on to their lasting memory is a perfect reason to sing “Alleluia” not only on Easter, but everyday of the year-and when we do, this makes a lifetime.


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