“Where does God really live?”

Six year old Sean looked up at his Mother and asked “Mommy where does God live?”  His Mother immediately brought Sean to the large hall mirror in the entryway and said “ Sean what do you see in this mirror?”  Surprised he said “Me!” She said, “That’s right. God lives in you Sean, because He wants to be near you.” What a great answer to a profound question! Sean’s Mom hit it right on the mark with her theology.  God isn’t hiding on some mountain or in a far away planet.  God chooses to live in each one of us.   He wakes up  with us, rides to school or work with us.  He attends our wedding and celebrates our birthdays.  He even dries our tears when we feel sad.  God is very much a part of us for we are made in God’s image.

Believing this gives us great consolation, for it reminds us that we are definitely worthwhile people.  It  echoes a fundamental truth, we can never forget.  God  deeply loves, appreciates, and desires each of us and wants to be our friend.  This is why God comfortably resides in our hearts, the center of our lives and His residence of choice.

The next time we feel God is far away from our lives, go and  stand with Sean and his Mother in front of the nearest hall mirror.  Gaze at the reflection and  recognize God gazing right back at us-and be grateful for such a wonderful neighbour.

Mark Twain, the Preacher?

Friends are always there for you