What do you think about Guardian Angels?

Every time Sue left for school, her Mother reminded her to ask her guardian angel to protect  her. And she always did. In an indirect way it was Sue’s Mother’s way  of saying how much she loved and cared for  Sue, and how much she wanted her to be safe.  When we seeking the care of  guardian angels  for someone we love,  we are saying “I care for you and want you  in my life, so stay safe?” Like Sue’s Mother , St Francis de Sales  had a great reverence for his guardian angel and everyone else’s too.  When he visited families, he greeted their angels as he entered their homes.  De Sales saw the presence of angels  as true gift of how much God wishes to care and show concern.

Guardian angels are God’s guarantee that He made us to be with him for all eternity.  Guardian angels are assigned to make certain we remain safe  while walking along our earthly paths.

Isn’t it  a pleasant feeling to know God is always thinking about us? Each morning then, greet your guardian angel and thank this special friend for  bringing God’s love so close.  It is simply God’s way of saying “Have a nice day!”

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