Letting Go

At a picnic recently, young eleven months old Lauryn took her first steps. She cautiously let go of her mother’s hand, turned and darted quickly in the direction she wanted to go. She wavered and wobbled, then stumbled successfully into the arms of her waiting father.  Of course everyone clapped approvingly. Lauryn responded with smiles and a little handclap for herself. As we walk the road of faith, we are like Lauryn. We want to go in the direction of our heavenly Father, but we are often afraid to let go of what is familiar. But eventually we do,  and we rush into God’s waiting arms  to the sound of applause and cheers. We look up to see the saints and angels happy that we have joined them in praising our God.  Think about this and Live today well!

Believers Are Never Lost For Long!

Love is a Risky Business