Believers Are Never Lost For Long!

My brother- in- law loves to travel.  Often he gets to where he is going, but at times he becomes utterly lost. However he will not stop and ask directions.  In fact,  he won’t even admit he’s lost.  He just keeps driving until something looks familiar and he’s back on track. When this happens I can still hear my sister say “Men, you’re all alike.  You’re just too proud to ask for directions.” Now I am not sure my sister was accurate in her perceptions of “all men.”  What I do know is that traveling on a faith journey is different from highway driving. Every disciple of the Lord seeks direction now and then.

Following where the Lord calls us is not always well-defined or clear. We often can’t see road signs or hear GPS readouts all that well. Like my brother in law we become lost, and end up in the wrong place and frequently with the wrong people.

This is when we need to stop and ask for help.  The quicker we do this the faster we return to our correct route. But this takes effort on our part.  First,  we have to admit we are lost and need help.  Secondly, we have to ask  for help through prayer or from  someone we trust.  Finally, we listen carefully to the ever present Holy Spirit  who whispers our best route.   Sometimes his tips are quick and easy,  at other times tedious, needing much patience to see what “looks familiar.”

Through all these lost moments, one thing is certain the Lord will help. We are created to be a “best friend forever” (BFF) to the Lord.   And who wants “best friends forever” to fail?   We need to remember as we travel in life.   Look for the signs before us and listen always for  the  Spirit’s directions (GPS) coming from our heart.  And above all, never  go it alone for the Lord is the “way , the truth and the life “ and promises to  get us home.




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