Our God is Relentless when It Comes to Helping Us!

Recently I watched a baby sparrow learn to fly. He tried a few times, but suddenly lost his nerve. His mother kept flying around him and to him, but he never budged.  She even went to a nearby tree and whistled to him to come to her, but still no movement. She never gave up.  She returned and returned and returned. After an interminable effort on her part, the baby sparrow finally leapt forward and followed her to a nearby branch.  He found his wings and they took him where before he feared to go. This is a life lesson.  Often we get go on, or at least we feel we cannot take one more step. For whatever reasons, we are tired, we lose hope or we just don’t have any more hope.  Our God comes to us in many ways to get us to try again. We resist, but God is relentless when it comes to our success. God will never give up.  He has eternal strength.  It is called grace. Finally we embrace this help and sail on.  This day let God help you move forward and live today well!

“ Be Who You Are and Be That Well as a Testament to the Creator Who Made us”

Imagine what a little can do!