Each Present Moment is an Uncut Diamond Waiting to be Polished!

One way to grow in the spiritual life is to see our present moments as uncut diamonds.  Each and every present moment has within it the potential of becoming a valuable, shiny gem.  Our task is to handle these precious jewels as the priceless treasure they are. We need to caress our present moments carefully, polishing and refining them to make their sheen rise to the surface.  When we do, we begin to appreciate its beauty now and for many present moments to come.  For it is true, this diamond’s beauty can last a long time on our journey

Yet a diamond’s beauty is not apparent when it is simply a lump of coal.  This can be true of our beauty too. On the spiritual journey we can have a similar “rough” beginning.  Although made in God’s mage and likeness and baptized in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, we can still remain unattractive.

Usually it takes the pressure of life to launch the changes needed to become the diamond God intended.  We have to suffer through bad choices, a few successes, many mistakes, and maybe even some serious pitfalls before our hidden radiance begins to shine forth. Thank God we have a loving and generous God who keeps giving us our present moments with the same miraculous possibility- “to be better than we are at any given time.”

The Holy Spirit stands ready to bring the brilliance of God’s image and likeness to our surface   With each new day and each new present moment, the Holy Spirit molds our roughness into the dazzling sheen of our godliness.  The Holy Spirit loves to help us: “Be who we are and be that well as a testament to the Divine craftsman who created us. ” Just as St Francis de Sales writes.

God intends that sooner or later these uncut diamonds of our present moments will show the world His image and likeness walking this earth through us.

God is restless to get this task underway.  He hopes we are just as restless to begin,  as God hands us our next uncut diamond through this present moment.

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