We are all part of the History of the World

“No matter what we do, everyone on earth plays an important role in its history.”  And usually we don’t even realize it.” Noone realizes this better than St. Joseph, the husband of Mary and the protector of Jesus. Joseph had a simple dream.  He wanted to meet a caring woman, marry her, raise a family and be a respected carpenter.  Then it all turned around. Mary, his fiancee,  became pregnant and he was not involved.  When he discovered this, he just wanted to walk away and be done with it.

Then in a dream an angel explained the whole thing.  Joseph awoke and found a new dream. It just so happened that God’s dream and Joseph’s dream was a little different. Which happens often  in people’s lives!  However once Joseph discovered what God’s dream was.  Then in faith he committed  and let grace do the rest.  God has dream for each of us. He shares it in our present moment. Once we know it and commit to living it, God will help just as He did with Joseph. Live Today Well!

Listen for the Bell

“Peace Be With You!”