Prancing in the Shadow of our Fears

The horse was rearing and kicking, and seemed quite fearful. The rider didn't know what to do. Suddenly, the trainer yelled: "Turn his head to the sun!" The rider did so. The horse gradually calmed down. The trainer explained: "Your horse was frightened by his own prancing shadow. "The same can happen to us. We can become extremely fearful of the shadows of our lives. We are frightened by a loss of someone we love. We fear tomorrow, or perhaps every tomorrow. When fear upsets us, we, believers, are asked to turn to the "Son" also. However, our Son is Jesus Christ, the Son of God. When we bask in the light of His peace, we can move more quietly and calmly. St. Francis de Sales sees fear in this way: "No thoughts which cause disquiet or agitation of spirit are from God, who is the Prince of Peace. They  are temptations and are to rejected as such."

This is why Jesus helps so easily.


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