Peace Be With You

“Peace be with you!” is an expression repeated many times in the Gospels.  Jesus liked saying it.  He used it specifically when he greeted his disciples after his resurrection.  Christ knew how they felt for not standing tall during his arrest, scourging and death on the cross. But Christ wanted them to know that time is over and passed.  Christ now wanted them to move on.  Christ knew that we can’t let regrets from past actions eat up the fresh opportunities of present moments.

Jesus offered,  “Peace be with you” which is another way to say,  “I forgive you.”  Christ is simply reminding them, “The past is behind you. Let’s leave it there and start over.”

St Francis de Sales writes.  “If you want to fix the past, do so in the time before you and not worry about the time gone.”  It is only in the present that we can live and act. Our present moments are truly gifts to redo the mistakes of the past.  And with God’s grace and blessings to guide us we can “get it right this time.”

Simply put “Peace be with you” reminds us of our original purpose: get back to loving God above all else.   With this friendly greeting Christ gently dispenses his love and mercy for all the times we too have not stood tall!   He is simply saying again and again   “I don’t remember you by your last mistake.  Instead I still see what’s possible, what can be achieved.”

Today hear again these soothing words “Peace be with you.” And know they are meant to give hope to transform us into the wonderful possibilities each new present moment holds for us.   Hear today Christ’s words  “Peace be with you” and “Live this day well!”

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