Everybody Smile, Please!

Go search for your smile," she yelled to her husband as he left for a week-long fishing trip with his friends.

Jim had become too involved with his work. He had to do everything. He didn't trust anybody else to help. He had to do it all! At home, he was no fun. He had forgotten how to laugh or enjoy his family. He was just too serious. Jim had lost his smile.

As humid summer days fade into cooler autumn breezes, I hope we have searched and found our smiles. We, too, get easily wrapped

up in our job, our ideas, and our way of doing something.

Often we think that we alone can make something succeed. If we didn't, all would fail. This feeling basically says: "Trust no one else, do it yourself!"

As people of faith, we believe that whatever we do pleases God, as long as we give it our best effort and turn the rest over to God. God makes up the difference. When we do this, we can relax and even smile. This is a fine formula for healthy, Christian living.

Francis de Sales never wanted his followers to get so involved that they lost their smile. He wrote:

"If an action or decision doesn't seem good and it looks as if you made a mistake, you should in no way blame yourself, but rather humble yourself and laugh at yourself."

I think this is good advice, don't you? It's just another way of saying: "Do what you are able and then search for your smile."

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