Quality Time

Do you enjoy quality time? This is the name we give to moments spent enjoying the company of family and friends.

Do you treasure quality time above all other kinds of time?

How often do we get caught up in “doing” that we forget to relax in high quality company?

Maybe we need to reset our schedule to include getting in touch with an old friend, a distant family member, or find time to listen to our children, hold our spouse’s hand.

Quality time can even mean taking some time for prayer—not just the worship or asking kind, but simply relaxing in God’s Presence, and saying not a single word. St. Francis de Sales encourages quality time when he writes: “We must neither ask for anything nor refuse anything, but leave ourselves in the arms of Divine Providence, without busying ourselves with any desires, except what God wills of us.”

A Reading from the Gospel of Matthew 1:35

In the morning, while it was still very dark, He got up and went out to a desert place and there He prayed.

Fasting is Here to Stay

Jesus’ Leaven brings out the best in us!