God Is Always Relenting When It Comes to Us

How does God differ from us?  When we get a question like that we wonder where do we begin answering.  Well, we know God is not petty or vindictive.  For instance he is not a God who throws fits of rage when we break a commandment or fail to say “Thank You” for some favor received. What stands out the most about God is the way He relents.  Yes, indeed God does relent.  And God does this over and over again. This is not because God is a "softie" or a "pushover," or that He has difficulty carrying out the punishments we deserve. Rather, it is because God loves us more than we can ever fathom.

For instance after God banished Adam and Eve to that mysterious place called “East of Eden,” God began to miss them and the times they spent together. It was obvious God loved them.  They were His friends.  How can we deliberately hurt our friends?  If we are a true friend, we can’t.  God is our true friend and as a true friend, God continuously gives us a second chance.

God wanted Adam and Eve back, and so he put together a plan to redeem them. And we all know the plan. The second person of the Trinity, the Son of God,  took flesh.  Jesus Christ  was born, died, rose again from the dead sitting now at the right hand of the Father.  Through Jesus’ passion and death, we are drawn back into the Father’s friendship.

From this plan we know God is not like the Greek God, Zeus, who pouts and frowns, throws tantrums and then goes off to sulk alone.  Our God doesn’t do that--Our God begins with love and ends with love.

Holy Week and the whole Easter Season says it the best.  Holy Week, itself, displays for all to see, Jesus’ most  awful moments of excruciating pain.  We see Jesus and understand what God allows to have us back in his arms and in His life.   We now know what God will do to seek out the lost, so they won’t perish. If this is relenting, then God relents again and again.

Then,  the whole Easter season shows what awaits us if we live Jesus’ words and deeds.  Jesus’ resurrection brings life to all our death moments.  Not just that big one at the end of our time here on earth,  but Jesus gives life to all the little dying and rising ones in between.   Easter is the sign of how, through Jesus, God relents.

This Sacred time reminds us that Jesus is alive, and is giving life every moment  every day.  Jesus’ resurrection  reminds us of God’s limitless relenting.  It is no wonder then why we say “Happy Easter!”

And so Happy Easter to all my readers!

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