Touching Another's Ache

Every time we face a challenge or stumble upon a tragic situation in life, we pray for God’s help. We are like the infirm woman in the gospel who grasped Jesus garments and was “made well.”  However when we try to do the exact same thing, we reach out but we find there is nothing to grasp. This is a reminder that often in times of tragedy, we don’t need to reach out, but to reach in to our hearts. God in His infinite compassion gives us grace enough to overcome hurt and pain. Often we don’t utilize this great gift of grace. Next time trouble or pain find us, and they will, reach within for the courage to meet the challenge.  It takes a much faith to do this, but God, in his infinite wisdom, has prepared us well. What we need is the confidence to believe in such a loving God, and when we do the reward is truly great. Live today well!

Paul feels Lucky to be Alive

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