A True Homemaker

When my Aunt Helen died, her obituary stated her occupation as  “homemaker.”   But for those who knew her, Aunt Helen’s life was much more. She was a LOVING homemaker because she embraced her occupation as loving service to her family and all who entered her home. She saw what she did everyday as faithfulness to her three children and husband.   Her love was a mirror image of the faithful love God pours over each of us.  Like Aunt Helen, God’s love nurtures, nourishes and protects. It is totally life giving.

Aunt Helen’s work around her home gave her consolation and comfort. She did all things, big or small, with gratitude to God for the precious gift of family. Each family member was a treasured pearl of great price in her eyes.

This attitude fueled her passion giving quickness to her steps and a smile to her face as she moved about her home.   She showed service as a privilege and not a duty. It was the way to holiness and she embraced it.

This was obvious in the small things she did: humming as she cooked her  “coveted” spaghetti sauce; in her wide smile as she placed lovingly made pasta dishes on the table; in the perfectly folded laundry placed carefully in her basket; and in the liveliness showed while passing the vacuum over rugs or dusting furniture.

Her daily chores were about dedication and love for family. These small acts done with such great love gave quality to her quantity of years.

Nothing gave Aunt Helen more delight than being surrounded by her contented and happy family.  St Francis de Sales said: When we see our neighbor, created in the image and likeness of God, and we should say to one another, “See and consider this creature as the likeness of the Creator.”   Aunt Helen saw this in each person with each dish, spoon or shirt she made clean.

Aunt Helen is a wonderful model of holiness. She lived her life with gratefulness and joy.  This doesn’t mean Aunt Helen was a pushover.  Far from it! When she needed to confront someone or a situation, Aunt Helen did this with the same resolve and love she did everything else.   She did it all with respect, gentleness and appreciation. Her family knew they were loved even when her words were tough to hear.

Yes, Aunt Helen was a homemaker, but she was a heart-maker too.  She made a home, a place for God to feel welcome, and softened hearts to make room for Jesus to dwell,

Aunt Helen was a loving homemaker and the home she made is the kind that lasts for eternity.

Each Present Moment is an Uncut Diamond Waiting to be Polished!

Paul feels Lucky to be Alive