How to end God’s frustration with us.

How to end God’s frustration with us.

Has there ever been a time when God was so disgusted with His creation that He paused and said: “What was I thinking?”  and then walked away saying: “This whole creation thing is not worth it?  I’m scraping the whole idea.”

 While at times we made it difficult for God and Jesus too, but I am certain neither walked away uttering: “I’m quitting. It’s just not worth it!”  Let’s begin with God and Adam and Eve in the famous garden of Eden setting.  God gave Eve and Adam everything they needed and even spent a part of His day walking with them.  Yet they chose to listen to the serpent’s reasoning rather than God’s words of love and support.

 This rejection pained God deeply.  As a result, He banished them to far away giving them and their growing family little help.  And yet, even then we catch a glimpse of God’s compassionate heart when God remembered them and His love for them returned.  God missed their presence in His life and so God came closer to them again.

 This worked for a while, but then Cain killed Abel and God began to see “man’s wickedness on earth” and “God’s heart became grieved.”  Then God found Noah, an honorable man, and instead of completely destroying His creation, He found a way to punish, but not completely end creation.

 Noah built an ark, waited out the flood, and the earth dried.  Noah offered sacrifice to God, who accepted it saying: “Never again will I doom the earth because of man’s evil desire.”  God would live with His creation and protect it while seeking ways to win back their hearts.

 The Lord became discouraged, disgusted, and angry with humanity, but never deserted His creation.  God constantly chose to offer them chance upon chance hoping and praying to soften their hearts.

 Subsequently, God decided to send His ultimate gift, His son to provide the way.  Jesus Christ, the word made flesh, would be the “way.”  Surely creation could not resist one like themselves to gain the ultimate prize of eternity.

 We are now in Jesus’ hands.  He reconciled us with the Father without counting the cost.  Jesus is gallant, patient, loving, and compassionate, but also human.  Jesus has done more than enough to cleanse our hearts and wash away any evil remaining.

 He hopes His words drown out those persisting snake-like voices.  Like His Father, Jesus will not give up.  And this is where we are today.  Jesus’ frustration is speculating: “Do you still not understand?”  What more do we need to understand other than that God is greater than any voice we hear?  And that God’s words speak honesty while His goodness challenges every falsehood uttered today.

 In choosing to love us, the Father and His Son have endured much, but they remain faithful.  Is this not enough for us to return the same faithfulness?  God is waiting patiently and with open arms. For God, our love is worth the wait.

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Blessings, Fr. DeLillio

(Painting: The Prodigal Son, by Murillio)

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