“Never second guess the power of a kind word or action,” reminded my Mother when I was reluctant to write a thank you note for a wonderful birthday present. Well, I wrote it then and have ever since.  And my Mother’s words have become a great maxim to practice every day.   We should never, ever second guess the power of kindness in any shape or form.  St Francis de Sales says it another way: “ If we err, do so on the side of gentleness.”

Both my Mother’s words and St. Francis de Sales say we don’t have to yell, stamp our feet or swing our arms wildly in the air to get things done.   Instead they suggest we stop and look into the other person’s eyes and see ourselves.

We all can become cranky at times or even mean if pushed, but even in these times we are always loved the same by Jesus.  He doesn’t measure us by our weakness, but only the image from which we are created.

Each day then, smile at another, hold doors if we can, greet others when entering a room, and be courteous on the road.  And above all, write “Thank You” notes.

For the power of these small acts will pour the great power of God’s love abundantly into our present moment. And we will truly “have a nice day.”


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