The Ease in Following

When Jesus calls us to himself, He first of all accepts us for who we are.  He loves us, embraces and makes us His friends, but mostly Jesus listens.  He hears our fears, our hesitations, our doubts and then, in His constant gentle way: He whispers--"Be more!"  “Be more!”  Two small words, and yet they hold so many possibilities.  Jesus can see deep within us.  And He wants us to see them too! Jesus knows that a subtle change here, or a turn there, can set our life on a happier course and in a more satisfying direction.  Yet, Jesus does it by patient nudging.  He presents the gifts of joy, peace and love that await us just around the corner and then invites us to choose.

Jesus knows our life is never a dead end if we choose to make a turn.  Jesus knows this and urges us to do it.

Today as we navigate through our pathways ask Jesus to help with his grace to make that needed turn.

Hope in Loss

Tourist or Pilgram?