Love Has Marvelous Powers

St. John of the Cross once wrote “where there is no love, put love and you will draw love out.”  This is so true for Beth and Joel. Beth is totally in love with Joel.  Beth puts her life on hold each time Joel needs her.  Beth loves to be with Joel, and even when nothing is said, she knows she is loved deeply in return.

Their love has no boundaries.  It is simply unconditional.  Love is a smile, a kind word of encouragement, a slight touch as they pass one another or a few moments of listening to show they care.  Their love “draws out love from one another” in simple everyday actions and gestures.  It calls them to be more than they are at any given moment.

When Joel wakes everyday, and looks at Beth at his side he is filled with a warm, gratefulness to God.  They feel better about themselves just to be in the same room with each other.  What did they ever do to deserve such joy and delight?

Jesus always put love in places where it was needed too.  One example was His kindnesses to Mary Magdalene which produced one of Jesus’ closest friends.  Another was inviting himself to dinner with Zaccheus which enabled Zaccheus to make his enemies--his new friends.  Jesus showed us that loving another has amazing healing and sealing powers.

Joel and Beth discovered this.  It binds their union.  And their gratitude binds their union with God.  St John of the cross is spot on.

Love draws love out!  Try it today and every day!

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