There’s always Something to Pray About: What’s Past or What’s Next!

Many have asked about prayer, and if I would share my ideas and even my personal method.  Where to begin--let me say at the outset that personal prayer doesn’t come smoothly for a variety of reasons.  Either we don’t know what we are doing, how we should be doing it, or even why we do it?  Perhaps we are too busy to pray or simply can’t find the time–a time that never comes! Over these past few years, prayer has moved to the forefront of my life.  I truly enjoy starting each day with time given to “personal prayer.”  Since I have made a conscious effort to want prayer in my life, prayer has become much easier.  Now remember, I know we are all different and from our differences come our prayer to our God.  With that truth in mind, I share the following:

Need a ritual.  Decide on a time and place.  In this created place nothing else happens except prayer.  Sit in the same chair, with the same book, and always begin the same way.  For example, Thank you Lord … and then help me, help me still with ….  Above all, find your own starter and make it your own.

Need to Show up Every Day.  Faithfulness is of prime importance.  Go to your designated space and start.  Some days you‘re into it, at other times distractions get in the way.  The important thing is that you’re there and Jesus is too!

Need to Be patient.  Remember even if you feel nothing is happening--Jesus is working.  Jesus likes our company.  And because He is there, something is always happening when we pray.

Make prayer be from your heart; not your head.  What does Jesus look like looking at you?  When you see His face, tell Him of your gratitude and continued need. Stay there as long as you need.

Let God speak from the experiences in your life.  What did He say about how you did yesterday or didn’t do yesterday?

Prayer tells us not “about God,” but “who God is."  Pope Francis continues to remind us that our God is merciful and Jesus came  to share that mercy --which should be and is a big helps to us in knowing who God is.

Be Still, Wait and Listen.  God always has something to say to us-always.  Believe the Spirit is present too.  What do you hear?

Prayer is learning “a little” each time.  We never have it all together, but each prayer moment gives us a piece --as one spiritual writer says: “getting out of the way gives the Spirit the room It needs.”

Make daily life the stuff of prayer.  What’s going on?  What’s not going on?  And wait.  Face the Lord just as you are and right where we are!

Need To End prayer the same every day.  “And Lord, thanks for everything.”  And if it is not finished --“Lord, we’ll continue this tomorrow.”

 By this very simple means, a glorious and astonishing God can emerge from our hearts.  And become our friend for life… His Life!

 A Piece of God is in All of us!

A Piece of God is in All of us!

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How My Grandmom shrunk her world is a lesson for Us All!