Paul feels lucky to be alive!

Paul is 84 years old.  He lives at Cedar Forest Home. He sits in his rocking chair in the large sunroom with a big smile on his face and says, “I feel lucky to be alive.”   I reply, “Why’s that?” Paul answers:  “ I can sit up today, and enjoy the sunshine. It’s a great day to be alive.”  Sitting there with his big grin, I realize Paul has found the secret to happiness.  It’s attitude! This delightful, wise man knows the secret and it works.  Happiness is something we put into life, not squeeze out of it. And Paul lives this belief everyday.  He looks for the good in everything, and appreciates this brighter side.

With each smile, Paul is saying how much God cares and loves him equally and the same whether it rains or is sunny.  When Paul brings this attitude to each new day, he feels lucky to be alive! 

Today we might want to give Paul’s idea a try and live this day well!

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