Building a Sacred Spot in the midst of our Busyness

If we travel with our laptops,  often we find ourselves searching for a “hotspot” to get  to the internet.  It’s routine behavior for social media aficionados who move through life at record speed with computer in hand. Well those pursuing the spiritual life need to make connections too.  They need to stay in touch with God who calls them, Jesus who walks with them and the Holy Spirit who offers precious advice.

This is why believers need a “sacred spot” built into their journey.  This sacred spot provides opportunities for “ Christians on the go” to connect with the Lord from any place or in any everyday difficulty.  This handy sacred spot helps us and helps the Lord to be in touch and to be near.

If we have a sacred spot , we are assured that even  in the midst of life’s noises and sudden twist and sharp turns,  we will still hear the whispered words of God trying to make contact.

The big difference between a hot spot and a sacred spot is that it works without Ipad, cell phone or eBook.  All we need is a quiet place, a listening heart and a deep desire to give God’s distinct voice a chance  to be heard.   As God  speaks our sacred spot truly becomes  hallowed ground.  For here God is doing what God likes to do best –be with those He loves very much- His created family.

No matter where we are on our journey tune in to God from your sacred spot and listen.  It is a perfect way to lift spirits and find peace,  no matter where we are or what we are doing.  Today either create your sacred spot of  seek it out - God may be on the line this very minute.


How Flexible is Our God?