The Dreamcatchers

"What is that?" my nephew yelled as he pointed to the wall. I looked at what appeared to be a miniature tennis racquet decorated with turquoise, silver beads, feathers, and an arrowhead.

"That's a dream catcher," I said. "Native Americans believe that dream catchers catch and hold onto pleasant dreams and let the disagreeable ones escape." Stephen remarked, "I like that custom; I want one of those over my bed.

We all have dreams. We dream of success, happiness and wonderful places full of laughter and sunshine. And we experience scary dreams. Dreams about failure, about past mistakes, about what others think of us or about losing people we love. Often times we need a dream catcher to latch onto the good dreams and dispel the bad ones.

Through faith Jesus is our dream catcher. When our dreams overwhelm us with fear and anxiety, He asks us to remember His words of love and His promise to be always with us. In this way Jesus catches our fears and pain and turns them into joy and peace. We definitely need Him over our beds!

St. Francis de Sales said it this way: "Anyone who can preserve peace amid the worry and busyness of affairs is almost perfect. And Jesus is the gift which can preserve our peace."

A Reading from the Gospel of John 14:5

I am the way, the truth, and the life, says the Lord: no one comes to the Father , except through Me. 

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