A Journey of Love and Trust

As teachers we never know, if our teaching will bear fruit.  We sometimes have moments full of signs of possible, positive results.  But we just don’t know for sure.  This is the same for our good works, we are just never sure how they will turn out in the end.  We have to do what we can when we can, and then patiently trust in the Lord. In these situations, St. Francis de Sales asks us to practice two simple virtues, humility and confidence.  Humility is to do the best we can always, and confidence is believing the Lord will supply the rest.

We just have to let go of how it will turn out, because we do not have control.  We are unassumingly asked to do all that we can with a special brand of love.   This love is “a real giving and no strings attached” kind of love. The Lord promises that this generous love has the best chance of bearing fruit in God’s good time.

In the meantime we let faith, love  and hope give consolation and joy to what we do for others in God’s name.  In this way our words and actions show others that God has made a wonderful world and wants to be our friend in it.

“It is not how much we do that is pleasing to God, but how much love we put into doing it,” said Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

On his birthday Pope Francis showed us how to have “a true giving and no strings attached” kind of love. On this day he sat at his breakfast with homeless beggars that frequent the Vatican Walls.  He did it because it was the right thing to do, and he lets God be responsible for its bearing fruit.  At his breakfast table I am sure the homeless enjoying the meal and the Pope’s company saw  “a wonderful world” and felt they belonged in it-even for these few minutes.  Wouldn’t we?

In our daily actions with the others we meet, we simply have to let faith, hope and love give us consolation and joy while God does the rest.  This is a good plan of action, and God doesn’t mind working it with us.  In fact it is a partnership made in heaven.

Questions to ponder:

How patient am I with letting God manage the outcome of my good works?

How have I experienced faith, hope and love in the good works I do for others?

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