Does God Still Care For Us?

Way back when it all began, God created us out of love.  To make love happen, God brought light from the darkness, put order into the chaos by pushing back the water, gave us the gift of stars in our nighttime sky, and created land. On this land he place Adam and Eve, the beginnings of our human family.  From this wonderful masterpiece came the greatest gift of all, God’s love in an enduring friendship.  And God was so delighted, He pronounced it all “good, very good.”

However, did you ever wonder if God’s love is still as intense as it was when God first befriended us?  We have experienced some rather dramatic twists and turns in this relationship since those beginning days.

Well, he did send His son Jesus, who died to let us know that He does.  In fact before Jesus died and rose from the dead he said, “You are my friends” and “I have called you friends, because I have told you everything I have heard from my Father” (John 15.)

In those words, Jesus reminds us that a friend is one who shares from the heart.  Jesus shared everything the Father asked him too.  In short Jesus told them and us too, that His Father still sees us as “good, very good.”   And we are worth saving, and given another chance.  So yes, we know that God still cares, and just as intensely as He did when it all began.

This is the lingering and lasting message of Easter.  We still have God’s love and friendship.   Jesus told us and then died to show us.  Our gratitude is  seen when we keep Jesus alive in all we do.  It is then we can hear God whispering :  “See, it is still “good, very good! ”

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