Christ Offers the World Real Peace

The headlines these days are about wars or preparedness for war and the need to rid ourselves of enemies. They tell of the way to find peace, and the price we have to pay to insure this peace.  And the price tag is enormous. In the gospel, Christ too speaks about peace, and how he wants to give it. His peace does not come with scary headlines.  His peace seems different, and it comes differently too.  He says his peace is not “not as the world gives peace do I give it to you.”   So what is different about His peace?

Does Christ have a different understanding of peace?  It seems so.   Shouting voices from advertisers talk about the need for a good burglar alarm to protect our home, politicians preach invincible military might, labor leaders fight for a substantial pension plan for our retirement, and insurance agents sell policies that cover every major disease that can inflict harm.

Each believes that these are the ways to peace, contentment and security.   To all these clamoring voices, Christ softly says again that his peace is   “not as the world gives peace do I give it to you.”

Christ peace is the reality that God, His Father, loved us from the first moment we were created.  He loved us as a friend and never backed off from this promise.  God also knows our mistakes and still continues to offer His forgiveness.  These truths alone are enough to instill peace.

Jesus describes God, as the Forgiving Father on the hill, anxiously waiting like a loving parent to embrace us in heaven.   This is God’s daily wish that we be with him for all eternity.  That’s the peace Jesus shares with us.

It is a grand portrait of a loving and forgiving God who longs for our eternal presence.  How can this not be a  “peace that surpasses all understanding “says St Paul In Philippians 4:7?

And nothing can take this gift away.  God guarantees it forever.   When Jesus says  “My peace I give you.” Listen to these truly wonderful words. They are free and they are there for you every day.

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