Mark Twain, the Preacher?

Mark Twain, one of the great American Humorists, overheard a wealthy and famous businessman say “ I’m going to Mt Sinai and read aloud the Ten Commandments” To which Mark Twain replied “ I recommend you stay home and keep them.” Mark Twain gave a biting reply, but yet it is certainly on to something. It is certainly easier to talk about God and God’s commandments that it is to live them in the real and practical world.

The ten commandments are only tidbits of food feeding our hearts and giving  positive energy to the way we treat others-all others.   They do not exist simply to be “read aloud” or studied.   St Francis of Assisi reminded his followers “to preach often,”  and sometimes  he said “use words.”  Surely the Ten Commandments ask us “ to love God, our neighbors and ourselves.”  In his quick remark, Mark Twain  gives  good advice.  Today in this present moment we will  “keep”  the Ten Commandments.

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